Step Guides

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1 Add a Glossary
2 Add a Link Within Text
3 Add a Page to a Course
4 Add a Picture to a Course
5 Add a SCORM Object to a Course
6 Add a Testimonial/Quotes Block
7 Add a Video to a Course
8 Add a YouTube Video to a Course
9 Add an Admin Page
10 Add an RSS Feed
11 Add Files to your Campus
12 Add Flash (.swf) to a Course
13 Add Sound to a Course
14 Allow Guests to View Courses
15 Assign a Teacher to a Course
16 Assign People to Roles
17 Backup and Restore a Course
18 Best Practices - Text Transfer
19 Campus Pay Overview
20 Change Campus URL
21 Change Course Grades
22 Change the Campus Language
23 Change the Logo
24 Change the Name and Description of your EasyCampus
25 Change the Name of a Course
26 Change the Theme
27 Change the Way Courses Display on your Landing Page
28 Charge Tuition for a Course
29 Choose a Course Template
30 Clear Your Browser Cache
31 Conditional Activities
32 Conference/Whiteboard
33 Convert PowerPoint to Flash with Articulate
34 Convert PowerPoint to Flash with iSpring
35 Convert PowerPoint to PDF
36 Convert to SCORM with Articulate
37 Convert to SCORM with iSpring
38 Convert Word to PDF
39 Create a Calendar Event
40 Create a Certificate
41 Create a Chat Room
42 Create a Course
43 Create a Course Bundle
44 Create a Course Category
45 Create a Group or Groups
46 Create a New Activity and Add it to a Page
47 Create a Portfolio
48 Create a Quiz
49 Create a Survey (Questionnaire)
50 Create a Test Account
51 Create an Enrollment Code for a Course
52 Create Custom Fields for User Accounts
53 Create Forms
54 Default Blocks
55 Delete a Course
56 Delete Users/Students
57 Edit a Page
58 Edit a Text Block
59 Editor buttons
60 Enroll People into Courses
61 Enroll People Into Your EasyCampus
62 Find a Specific User
63 Force a Password Change
64 Google Apps Integration
65 Grade Assignments
66 Hide a Course
67 Import ExamView Content
68 Insert Files into a Course
69 Insert PowerPoint Files into Course
70 Insert Word Files into Course
71 Learner Progress Bar
72 Log Out
73 Login to Your EasyCampus
74 Mentor Role
75 Move a Course to Another Category
76 Multimedia and EasyCampus - Overview
77 Pay by credit card (not with a PayPal account)
78 Question Banks for Quizzes
79 Quick Start Guide
80 Re-order Course Pages
81 Rearrange the Order of Courses on your Landing Page
82 Remove a Page
83 Reset a Course
84 Run a Campus Report
85 SCORM and EasyCampus - Overview
86 Send Email to All Users
87 Set Permissions on a Block
88 Take Reservations
89 Terminology
90 Track Attendance
91 Track Student Sessions
92 Transition from Classroom - Overview
93 Turn Off Self-Enrollment for a Course
94 Upgrade Your Subscription
95 Use My Account
96 View Awarded Certificates
97 Work with Blocks on your Landing Page
98 Work with Blogs
99 Work with DropBox Assignments
100 Work with Forums