Change the name and description of your easycampus

It's easy to change the name and/or the description of your EasyCampus. You can change this text both on the landing page and internally so that breadcrumbs and other related data are changed.

Before You Begin

  • Decide upon a new name for your campus.
  • Determine the text for your new campus description.
  • Understand how to turn Editing off and on. If you don’t know how to do this, use the step guide titled Edit a Page to help you.
  • If you're adding pictures or other resources, make sure you know where they are on your system.


To Change the Name and Description on the Landing Page:

  • Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Locate and click the small blue Edit icon underneath the current name and description. The screen will change and you will be able to edit the name and description of the campus.
Edit icon
  • Select the large bold title of the campus.

The summary box has some special HTML formatting so you need to be careful in your selections. If you're familiar with HTML, you can click the HTML button to work with the summary in this format instead.

  • Type the new name of your campus.

Example: Joe's New Skateboarding Site

  • Select the text of your description.
  • Type your new description.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Save Changes button. Your changes will be reflected on the landing page.

To Change the Name and Description Internally:

  • Locate the Site Administration menu on the left side of your landing page. This is the page you see when you first login to your EasyCampus.
Site Administration menu
  • Click Front Page and then click Front Page Settings. The Front Page Settings screen will display.
  • In the first box, enter the new name for the site.

Example: Joe's New Skateboarding Site

  • In the Short name box, enter either the same name -or type a somewhat shorter name. This will be displayed in the breadcrumbs.

Tip: since the short name displays in the breadcrumbs, some people prefer to use the name Campus Home or something else that indicates that a click will take you back to the landing page.

  • Enter your new description in the Front Page Description box, replacing the text that is there.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Save Changes button. To return to the landing page, scroll up so you see the breadcrumbs at the upper-left corner of the screen and click the name of the campus at the start.