Change the theme

A theme controls the colors of your EasyCampus and the position some elements of your EasyCampus. When you start, you'll be using a default theme. You may want to change this theme for one that better reflects your logo or your tastes. This feature is not available to EasyCampus Express (free version) owners.

Before You Begin

  • Decide if you want to use the same theme for your campus and your courses. You can set the theme for each course separately.


To Change the Campus Theme:

  • Locate the Site Administration menu on the left side of your landing page. This is the page you see when you first login to your EasyCampus. Click Theme Settings and then click Theme selector. The Themes screen will display.

If you have a Tools menu, you can also select Change the Theme from this menu
  • Scroll down the list of themes until you see one you like. Click the Choose button to the right of this theme.
  • Click the Continue button to confirm your choice. You will return to the landing page and your new theme will be in place.

To Change the Theme of a Particular Course:

  • On the landing page of your campus, click the change settings link next to the name of the course you want to change. The Edit Course Settings page will display.

Change Settings

Note: If you do not see this link, you may have changed the default layout. You can access the Settings page by clicking the Settings link in the Administration block of the course itself. If you can’t find this block, you can add it temporarily to any course page by selecting it from the Add Block dropdown.

  • Scroll down a little until you see a drop-down box labeled Force Theme.

Force Theme drop-down box
  • From the Force Theme drop-down, click the name of the theme you want to use.

Tip: Do not force will automatically use the same theme as the campus.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then click the Save Changes button. The course will be changed to reflect your theme choice.