Charge tuition for a course

If you want, you can charge an enrollment fee for a course. The fee will go through Educadium's CampusPay system so you only need to set up your course as tuition-based.

Note that if you have the Custom Tuition Payment Add-On, you can collect tuition immediately.

Before You Begin


Change Settings

Note: If you do not see this link, you may have changed the default layout. You can access the Settings page by clicking the Settings link in the Administration block of the course itself. If you can’t find this block, you can add it temporarily to any course page by selecting it from the Add Block dropdown.

The next step is to enter the enrollment cost. The item for this is also located on the Settings page but DOES NOT display until you've selected PayPal and saved the settings.

Cost field

If you are using CampusPay (default) please contact your Account Manager to help you set up options such as billing percentages and receipt of payment. If you do not have an Account Manager, contact