If you have the Course Bundling add-on, you can bundle a group of courses together so that enrollment in one course will automatically provide enrollment in all the courses in the bundle.

Note: EasyCampus Preferred and Premium packages come with this add-on. It is also available from Educadium’s online store.

Before You Begin


Create the Course Bundle:

Site Administration menu

Note: many of the fields are not necessary or can be altered later. At a minimum, you should fill in the name you decided upon earlier and select a theme. If there's a cost for the bundle, you'll want to enter that here as well.

Example: Driver Safety Bundle

Add Block dropdown

Add courses to the Bundle:

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you are working with the settings for the courses you want to add to the bundle and not the bundle itself.

Settings icon
Meta Course setting

Depending on whether you've changed your course format, this menu may be displayed on the Administer my Course page or else can be accessed through the Add Block drop-down.

Child Courses form