iSpring Presenter creates a tab right inside PowerPoint. You can click that tab and then easily "publish" your PowerPoint file as SCORM. Then, you can create a new SCORM learning object in your EasyCampus.

Before You Begin

  • Load your presentation in PowerPoint


Publish Your Content with iSpring:

  • Click the iSpring Presenter tab.
  • Click the Publish button on the tab. A new window with options will display.
Publish button on the iSpring Presenter tab
  • Click the LMS option on the left side of window.
  • Enter a title for your SCORM
  • Select a folder where your files will be stored on your system.
  • Enter a file name

Tip: don’t use spaces in your filename title.

  • Select a player template.
  • Under Flash output, check All in one Flash file and make sure to check Zip output.
  • If you want, go through the other tabs to select options, but be SURE to display the final tab Learning Course.
Sample Learning Course tab, iSpring Presenter
  • Select SCORM 1.2 from the dropdown if it’s not already selected.
  • Decide whether you want to track using slides (how many slides a user has viewed) or quiz results and fill in the tab according to your choice. Note that you can’t use Quiz Results unless you’ve created a quiz using iSpring’s Quizmaker.

Note: it’s usually a good idea to set your quiz to give each question 1 point. Otherwise, if your quiz has more than 10 questions, you’ll have difficulty matching the total in EasyCampus (which lists points from 0 to 100).

  • When you’re ready, click the Publish button. iSpring will begin creating your files. This may take a few moments. When the content is ready, a new window will display containing your SCORM zip file.

Create a New SCORM Learning Object in EasyCampus:

  • Make sure editing is turned on and display the page in the course where the SCORM object should go.
  • Click the Manage Activities tab.
Manage Activities tab
  • From the Add an Activity dropdown, select SCORM/AICC. A form will display to help you import your SCORM object.
  • Enter a name and summary for the object and then click the Choose or Upload a File button. The screen will change to allow you to select a file from those already available to your course or to load a new one.
  • Click the Upload a File button.
  • The screen will change to allow you to load a file from your own system. Click the Browse button.
  • A dialog box will display to help you find the file. Use the controls in this dialog box to find and then click the name of your SCORM zip file. Click the Open button to return to the previous screen.
  • Click the Upload This File button. Your SCORM file will be displayed in the list of files available for selection.
  • To the right of the file you want to display, click the Choose link. You will be returned to the form.
Choose link location

It’s important to click the Choose link instead of clicking the checkbox or the name of the file.

  • In the Other settings area, click the Show Advanced button. If the button says “Hide Advanced” there’s no need to click it. Fill in the options to match your Articulate SCORM.
  • There are many ways to configure SCORM. The model below shows the format many people like to use to configure and display iSpring SCORM with a Quiz. If you don’t have a quiz, try using Learning Objects as the Grading method.
Sample SCORM Settings for iSpring
  • When you’re ready, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Save and Return to Course button.
  • Making sure you’re still in Editing mode, select the name of the SCORM object you just created from the Add an Existing Activity dropdown. A link will display in the bottom of the middle column. You can move it using the Move icons in the block. Students can simply click the link to run the SCORM.