iSpring Presenter creates a tab right inside PowerPoint. You can click that tab and then easily "publish" your PowerPoint file as SCORM. Then, you can create a new SCORM learning object in your EasyCampus.

Before You Begin


Publish Your Content with iSpring:

Publish button on the iSpring Presenter tab

Tip: don’t use spaces in your filename title.

Sample Learning Course tab, iSpring Presenter

Note: it’s usually a good idea to set your quiz to give each question 1 point. Otherwise, if your quiz has more than 10 questions, you’ll have difficulty matching the total in EasyCampus (which lists points from 0 to 100).

Create a New SCORM Learning Object in EasyCampus:

Manage Activities tab
Choose link location

It’s important to click the Choose link instead of clicking the checkbox or the name of the file.

Sample SCORM Settings for iSpring