It's easy to add a quiz to an EasyCampus course. Many question types are available to keep your quiz lively. Grading is automatic or you can manually change grades.

Before You Begin


Manage Activities tab

Example: Multiplication Quiz

Add Existing Activity drop-down box

To create questions for the Question Bank:

Note: if you want, you can use or create categories for quiz questions. This is particularly useful if you’re creating a bank of questions that could be used in another course.

Create new question drop-down box

Example: True/False

Example: Terms

Filled in True/False question

To add a Question Bank question to your quiz:

Available quiz questions

Tip: You can add ALL the questions by clicking the Select all link and then clicking the Add to Quiz button.

Tip: You can create a random quiz by using the option at the bottom right: select the number of random questions you want to add and then click the Add button. The quiz will generate a new shuffled set of random questions in the given category each time there is a new attempt.