If you want to show quotes from your customers on your landing page, you can combine the functions of two features: a Glossary and a Random Glossary Entry block. The Glossary activity is the container for your quotations and the Random Glossary Entry block will select a random entry to display each time a visitor comes to the landing page.

Before You Begin

  • Decide on a name for both your Glossary and Random Quote block


  • On the landing page of your campus, click the Edit this Page button to turn on Editing Mode.
  • At the bottom of the right column, select Random Glossary Entry from the Blocks dropdown. The block will appear at the bottom of the right column. For now, just leave it as is.

Random Glossary Entry Block
  • In the middle column of your landing page, select Glossary from the Add an activity dropdown. A form to help you create your new Glossary activity will display.

Add an Activity Dropdown
  • Type a name for your Glossary.

Example: Testimonials

  • Type a description of your Glossary.

Example: See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  • Take a look at the options beneath the Description. For a Quotes or Testimonials Block, we recommend the settings shown below.

Recommended Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save and Return to Course button. You will see your new Glossary in the middle column. Since people can access it from the Random Glossary Entry block, it’s best to hide it.
  • Click the Hide icon to the right of the new Glossary activity. You will still see it as an admin, but your users will not.

Hide the Glossary
  • On the bottom of the right column, click the blue edit icon under Random Glossary Entry. A form will display to help you configure the block.

Edit the Random Glossary Entry Block
  • Change the title of the block.

Example: Quotes

  • Select the name of the Glossary you just made from the dropdown list.
  • Change the rest of the text to suit your needs. See the sample below for guidance.

Sample Settings for Random Glossary Entry used for Quotes
  • Click the Save Changes button. You will see your changes on the landing page.
  • Click the Add a New Quote link at the bottom of the block.

Even if you are allowing others to enter quotes, it’s a good idea to “seed” the block with a few quotes.

  • For a Quotes block, you can use Concept for a person’s name or a course title.

Example: Sue Smith

  • Use the definition area for the quote.

Example: I loved the course “Intro to Economics” and got a lot out of it. I will gladly purchase other courses from this campus.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.  You will see the quote on the page. Add a few more entries and then return to your landing page.
  • Logout (upper-right corner) to see your Quotes block. Refresh the page a few times to see how it randomly changes.

Tip: if you want users to see more quotes, you can either “show” the Glossary activity in the middle column or you can add your Glossary activity to the Main Menu instead and then hide or remove the Main Menu from the page. When you do either of these, a guest or student will see a link for “More Quotes” at the bottom of the block.