If you have the Attendance Add-On, you can keep track of people attending a facilitated or offline course. The add-on consists of an Activity and a Block. Note that you can only add one Attendance activity per course.

Before You Begin


Manage Activities tab

Add Block drop-down box

Session Date: Select the start date of your course (the first day of class)
Session End Date: Select the last day of class (the last day you want to take attendance).
Session Days: Select the days of the week when your class will meet (for example, Monday/Wednesday/Friday).
Frequency: If your class will meet every week, select 1; if it will meet every other week, select 2; every 3rd week, select 3, etc.

If you’re only taking attendance on a particular day, you only need to set that day in the Session Date field.

Example: Session One

Sessions tab in Attendance block

Attendance Variables

Attendance Block
IMPORTANT: After you take attendance, students logging in can see their own results. It’s a good idea to create a test student account on your campus so you can determine if you want your students to see this data. If not, you can hide the block, place it on a page students don’t have access to (for example, an Admin page) or click the Assign Roles icon in editing move and Override Permissions for the Student Role.

Student view of Attendance Block with sample data