If you want, you can add an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) block to your landing page or inside a course.

Note: the default block called System News is an example of an external RSS Feed sent by Educadium to keep you informed of system events.

Before You Begin

  • Login using your admin credentials.
  • Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Determine the URL of your remote feed.



  • In editing mode, scroll down to the bottom of your landing page and look on the right side to find the Add Block dropdown. In a course, this dropdown is located towards the top of the course page in editing mode, underneath the tabs. Select Remote RSS Feeds from the dropdown.
Add Block dropdown
  • You will see a new block in the lower-right corner of the page. This new block will be called Remote News Feed. You can now configure the block. To do this, click the small blue edit icon under the name of the block.

New RSS block - configuring
  • The screen will change to allow you to setup the block. First, you should add your new feed. Click the Manage All My Feeds tab.
Manage All My Feeds tab
  • The screen will change to let you enter your feed URL. If you want, you can also add a title. You may want to click the Validate Feed link to at the bottom to be sure your link is correct.

Note: you will see Educadium's System News feed already entered. You can just ignore this feed.

Sample of a filled in feed
  • When you're ready, click the Add button and then, if necessary, click the Continue link. You'll return to the Manage all my feeds tab and will see your new feed.

  • Click the Configure this block tab.
Configure This Block tab
  • When the screen changes, you'll see your new feed in the list. Check the box to the left of the name. Change or fill in any other options as needed.
Sample of a filled in Feed Configuration
  • When you're ready, click the Save Changes button. Your block should now contain the feeds you specified.