Default Blocks

There are a number of blocks you can use on your landing page and in your courses just by selecting them from the Add Block dropdown, located on the bottom right of your landing page or at the top of any course page (make sure you're in Editing mode to see these dropdowns). Use the list below for information about these blocks.

Block Name



Activities Lists available activities (such as Quizzes, Assignments, etc.) with links.
(course page only)
Displays a list of administrative functions in a course, such as Grades, Backup, Restore, etc. For students, displays only User Profile and Grades.
Blog Menu Displays links to allow users to view and add their own blog entries or those made available by others
Blog Tags Lists blog tags in a format where larger text indicates more usage.
Calendar An event calendar used to keep track of site events, course events (such as scheduled chats), group events (in courses where group activities are scheduled) and personal user events that are only viewable by that user.
Course/Site Description Displays the text you've put in your description box on a course settings page or in Front Page Settings for your landing page.
Courses Displays a list of each course in which the logged-in user is enrolled with a link to all the courses available on the campus.
Email Displays a block which lets students and admins take advantage of the site's private messaging system.
Help Ticket Available in later versions of EasyCampus. Gives you a direct link into the Educadium Support system and automatically records your campus and browser information.
HTML A special block that can be used to add custom text, images, or html to a course page or a landing page. Note that if you delete an HTML block, it's gone: use a Label or Web Page Resource to keep this from happening.
Latest News Displays recent posts in a News forum you've set up on the landing page or in a course.
(landing page only)
Provides an area for people to login to your campus, with links to create a new account or retrieve a lost password.
Main Menu
(landing page only)
Contains a list of resources and activities used on the landing page with dropdowns to help you create new entries.
Online Users Shows a dynamic list of users currently logged into your site.
Quick Comments Available in later versions of EasyCampus. Displays a block with a text box that users can easily fill in and submit directly to you or the user you specify.
Quiz Results Displays highest and lowest quiz grades for a given quiz. Can be configured to display only group results or all the results (by entering the total number of users in a course).
Random Glossary Entry Display a random glossary entry from a selected glossary. Often used to create random testimonials or a quote of the day. In newer versions of EasyCampus, EasyCampus Tips is an example of a random glossary entry block.
Related Courses Used in course bundling to display a list of the course links in a particular bundle.
Remote RSS Feeds Adds a block which you can configure to display a set number of feeds from an external site.
Roster/People Displays a list of the registered users on your site or the people in a course.
Search Forums Gives people a way to search forums for a particular word or phrase.
Site Administration (landing page only) Displays a list of administrative functions available to an admin. This block is NOT VISIBLE to students or guests.
Tags If users fill in Tags in their user profile, these words can be displayed in this block in a format where the size of the text indicates the number of items associated with it.
Ungraded Assignments Displays a list of assignments that have not yet been graded. Useful for Facilitated (instructor-led) courses with manually graded assignments, essay questions, etc.
Upcoming Events This block is linked to calendar events and displays future events in a list.