enroll people into courses

Unless you change something, students can enroll themselves into classes by just clicking the name of the class on your landing page. This is called self-enrollment. This step guide is for those who want to change this default behavior. You can modify self-enrollment for a given course by necessitating the use of a special code. This allows people in your site to continue to enroll themselves but the very first time they click the name of the course, they are asked for the code.

Another option is to turn off self-enrollment altogether and manually enroll students into a course instead.
Note: if you are using a spreadsheet for bulk enrollment, you can enroll users into courses as you load them into the campus. See the step guide for more information.

Before You Begin

  • Decide whether you want self-enrollment turned off or left on (with a code).
  • If you want to make enrollment in a given course code-based, decide upon a code.


To Create an Enrollment Code for a Course:

  • On the landing page of your campus, click the change settings link next to the name of the course you want to change. The Edit Course Settings page will display.
Change Settings

Note: If you do not see this link, you may have changed the default layout. You can access the Settings page by clicking the Settings link in the Administration block of the course itself. If you can’t find this block, you can add it temporarily to any course page by selecting it from the Add Block dropdown.

  • Scroll down to the Availability area (approximately 3/4 of the way down the screen).
  • Enter the code you decided to use in the box labeled Enrollment Key.

Example: abc123

Availability section on Settings screen
  • At the bottom of the form, click the Save Changes button. Students clicking on this course will now be prompted for a code the first time they enter. After this first entry, they will no longer be prompted.

To Enroll Students Manually:

  • Click the name of the course you want to modify. The screen will change and you will see the course on your screen.
  • Click the Settings option on the Administration block (see the note above if you cannot find this block). The Edit Course Settings page will display. Scroll down to the Enrollments area (approximately halfway down the screen).
  • Select the No option next to the words "Course Enrollable."
Enrollments section on Settings screen
  • At the bottom of the form, click the Save Changes button. You will return to the previous screen.
  • Click Assign Roles on the Administration block. In a few moments, the Assign Roles screen will display.
  • Notice that each role is listed down the left side of the screen. If necessary, scroll down to the bottom so you can see the Student role. Click the word Student. The screen will change to help you manually add students to your course.
Student option on Roles screen
  • From the box on the right, select the people you want to enroll as students in this course. If there's more than one, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click each additional student.
  • Click the Add button between the two boxes.
  • You've enrolled the students into the course. To return to the landing page, scroll up so you see the breadcrumbs at the upper-left corner of the screen and click the name of the campus.