You can add a Chat object to your landing page or any course. You can use this chat room as a component of a lesson or as a space for students and teachers to interact.
Note: the Facilitated Course Template has a Chat object built in. You can find it on the Communications tab.

Before You Begin

  • Display the page where you want to add a Chat object
  • Make sure you’re in Editing mode.


  • If you’re on the landing page Select Chat from the Add an Activity dropdown in the middle column. If you’re in a course, click the Manage Activity tab and select Chat from the Add an Activity dropdown there.
Add an activity (Landing Page)

Add an activity (in a Course)
  • Fill in the fields of the Chat form, including a name for the chat room and a brief description in the Introduction text area. The other fields are optional.
  • At the bottom of the form, click the Save and Return to Course button. You will be taken to your previous location.
  • If you are placing the chat on the landing page, the object will automatically be displayed in the middle column, under your Campus Title and Description. You don’t need to follow the step below.
  • If you are using a chat room in a course, you will need to add the activity you just created.
  • Find the Add Existing Activity dropdown and select the name of the chat room you just created. The Chat object will display at the bottom of the middle column.
Chat Object on a course page.