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You may find it useful to link to other areas of the web outside of your EasyCampus. For example, many people add links to their own websites. An easy way to do this is to add the link within the text of a page in a course template.

Before You Begin

  • Copy the URL of the page to which you want to link.
  • Display the page containing text to which you want to add the link.


  • If the text is part of an EasyCampus template, locate the blue edit link –or- make sure editing is turned on and then click the blue edit icon.
Edit links
  • Scroll down a little so you can see the box called Compose a Web page. DO NOT enter your links in the Summary box as these do not display on the page. Either type and select or just select the text you want to use as a link.

Example: For more information, click here to go to my website.

  • In the Editor window, locate and click the Insert Web Link button. A dialog box will display to help you define your link.
Insert Web Link button
  • Paste or type the URL for the link in the first white box.
  • If necessary, enter a title and then select an option from the Target dropdown.

Note: it’s a good idea to select the New Window option from the dropdown. This helps a person clicking the link not to get lost trying to go back to your campus.

  • Click the OK button.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click the Save and Return to Course button. You’ll see your link in the text and can test it to be sure it works.