You can add pictures as accents to a course or to illustrate a point (for example, with a chart). You can add a picture within text or as its own object. If you want to place the picture as its own object, you must first create a holder for it. To do this, you can add an HTML block to the page (using the Add Block dropdown you see in Editing Mode) or a web page resource (using Manage Activities and the Add a Resource dropdown box). See the step guide titled Create a New Activity and Add it to a Page for help with this step.

Before You Begin

  • Locate the picture you want to add to the course on your own system.
  • Determine where in the course the picture should go.
  • Decide whether you want to place the picture within existing text or on its own.


  • Display the page where you want to put the picture.
  • Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Click the small blue edit icon under the name of the block to which you want to add the picture. The screen will change to help you edit the block.
Editing a block
  • Scroll down to see the contents of the block. Click where you want the picture to go.

NOTE: If you are using a web page resource, make sure you scroll down past the Summary section to the section titled Compose a Web Page.

  • In the second line of buttons, find and click the Insert Image button. The Insert Image dialog box will display.
Insert Image button
  • Toward the bottom of the dialog box, find and click the Browse button. The File Upload dialog box will display.
  • Use the controls in the File Upload box to find and then click the name of the picture you want to place. Click the Open button. You will return to the Insert Image dialog box.
Insert Image dialog box
  • Click the Upload button, right next to the Browse button at the bottom of the dialog box. In a few moments, your picture will appear in the list of available images.
  • Click the name of your picture.
  • At the top of the box, enter some alternate text for your picture. This text will display if a user cannot view the picture.
  • If you want, change other options in the dialog box. For example, you can wrap text around your picture using the Alignment options and give it some space using the Spacing options. When your changes are complete, click the OK button toward the upper-right corner. You will return to the form.
Alignment options
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the form and then click the Save and Return to Course button (web page resource) or the Save Changes button (HTML block). Your picture will appear on the course page.