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You can add a YouTube video to a course within a block or as its own object. If you want to place the video as its own object, you must first create a holder for it. To do this, you can add an HTML block to the page (using the Add Block dropdown you see in Editing Mode) or a web page resource (using Manage Activities and the Add a Resource dropdown box). See the step guide titled Create a New Activity and Add it to a Page for help with this step.

Before You Begin

  • Locate the video file you want to add to the course on YouTube.
  • Determine where in the course the video should go.
  • Decide whether you want to place the video within existing text or on its own.


  • In a separate tab or a new Browser window, display the YouTube video you want to place in your course.
  • Under the video, click the Share button and then click the Embed button. If you like, alter any of the options underneath and then copy the link that displays under the video.
  • Display the page where you want to put the video. Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Click the small blue edit icon under the name of the block to which you want to add the video. The screen will change to help you edit the block. Scroll down to see the contents of the block.

NOTE: If you are using a web page resource, make sure you scroll down past the Summary section to the section titled Compose a Web Page.

  • In the second line of buttons, find and click the Toggle HTML Source button. The screen will change and you will see any text or images that were already in the block as HTML.
Toggle HTML Source button
  • Paste the code you just copied in the place where you want the video to go.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the form and then click the Save and Return to Course button (web page resource) or the Save Changes button (HTML block). Your video will appear on the course page.

Note: other video hosting services will most likely offer similar embed codes you can paste into the HTML editor using the same method.