Create an Enrollment Code for a CourSe

Sometimes, it’s useful to make a particular course unavailable for enrollment unless a specific code is entered. For example, you might charge for a course outside of EasyCampus and want to keep out anyone who hasn’t paid.

Before You Begin

  • Identify the name of the course to which you want to add an enrollment code.
  • Determine a code to use for enrollment.

Example: C1012010


  • On the landing page of your campus, click the change settings link next to the name of the course you want to change. The Edit Course Settings page will display.
Change Settings

Note: If you do not see this link, you may have changed the default layout. You can access the Settings page by clicking the Settings link in the Administration block of the course itself. If you can’t find this block, you can add it temporarily to any course page by selecting it from the Add Block dropdown.

  • Scroll down to the Availability area (approximately 3/4 of the way down the screen).
  • Enter the code you decided to use in the box labeled Enrollment Key.

Example: abc123

Availability section on Settings screen
  • At the bottom of the form, click the Save Changes button. Students clicking on this course will now be prompted for a code the first time they enter. After this first entry, they will no longer be prompted.