Educadium makes it easy for organizations and individuals to reach learners around the world. In minutes, you can create a branded EasyCampus to store digital materials and create cost-effective online classes for knowledge sharing, assessment, and certification.

Knowledge is a valuable commodity. Many companies and individuals want to reach new learners and build for-profit online schools in the process. Our goal is to enable you to realize your educational and business dreams. CampusPay is an optional Educadium service that turns your EasyCampus into a profit center.


  • Profit from digital content and expertise
  • Underwrite online school operations and expansion
  • Reduce accounting expense and paperwork
  • Instant access to ecommerce and merchant services
  • Consolidated Educadium billing statement
  • Ability to charge tuition by course and by course bundles

How it Works

  • Starting with your first EasyCampus class, you may charge tuition.
  • Educadium will collect online tuition on your behalf through CampusPay’s e-commerce and payment system.
  • Students can use credit cards or PayPal. (For your security, Educadium does not store any credit card information.)
  • Educadium charges you only when there is a transaction. There are no set-up or monthly maintenance fees.
  • Once a month, Educadium remits tuition payments, less Educadium’s fee, plus a full accounting for those payments.
  • Student refunds and adjustments can be made for up to 60 days.


Based on the free or subscription package you select, Educadium charges a processing fee based on a percentage of tuition revenue collected:

Start making money today through CampusPay. It's easy to get started. For questions or support, contact

How to Sign Up and Configure CampusPay

You need to formally sign-up to use the CampusPay system. To complete that process, you should do the following:

  • Send a simple statement of intent/desire to use the CampusPay system to This should include your campus name, campus owner (i.e. the billing name associated with your account) and the expressed desire to use CampusPay on your campus.
  • Enable and configure CampusPay on your campus: here is a separate step guide explaining how you enable and configure CampusPay on your campus, for one or multiple courses.