It’s possible to import ExamView content into your EasyCampus by following the steps below.

Prepare your ExamView content

  • Open ExamView Test Builder and create a test: Organization of your questions will be easier if you decide ahead of time which categories you would like to use in your course and how they are organized. This guide uses multiple choice questions because they are easier to import into EasyCampus.
  • Export the questions in Blackboard v5. This will create a zip folder.
  • If you haven't already done so, now is a good time to organize folders on your hard drive to store the zip files in an organized fashion, especially if you plan to export a large number of questions. You can save these zip folders if you choose in case anything happens to your questions.
  • The information you enter in this form will be saved to the zip file so it is good to choose descriptive terms in case you need the info later.
  • Choose "HTML without any fonts" because we have found this format is the easiest to import into EasyCampus.
  • Choose "Use ExamView Rationale" if you would like to include good feedback for your students after importing the questions into EasyCampus.
  • Be sure to choose a descriptive name for the images folder. Math questions usually create a large number of images, so this is very important.
  • Always save the test in case you need to refer to it later.
  • Now you can close ExamView because all the questions have been exported.

Prepare the Image Files for Importing to EasyCampus

  • Prepare the images files to import them into EasyCampus
  • Find the zip folder you just created and extract all the files.
  • After you extract all the files, find the folder you created containing all the images. You will now zip all those images into a new zip folder which you are going to upload into your EasyCampus site.
  • Optional: We always delete the images after this file is created and then delete all the other folders that were created to keep new folders better organized.
  • Login to your EasyCampus site.
  • If you want all teachers to be able have access to these image files, you should upload them to your "Site Files" on the Front Page/Landing Page.
  • Create the folder in which you plan to upload the image files. We always create folders that have descriptive names that match the course we plan to use them with.
  • After you have created your folder, upload the zip folder you just created on your computer containing all the images for your questions.
  • Unzip all the images to this directory.
  • Right click on a file and copy the URL to your clipboard to use in the next step.

Edit the ExamView .dat file

  • Edit the .dat file: Return to your hard drive location where you stored the files and use an editor like Dreamweaver (or Notepad) to open and edit the .dat file.

Note: If your system hasn’t edited .dat files before you may need to right-click the .dat file and choose ‘Open With’ or ‘Choose Program to Open with’ – at this point you can browse for the application to use for editing.

  • You will change all the image URL's to match the image URLs in your EasyCampus site.
  • Use the Find and Replace tool in Dreamweaver to do this. All the image URL's begin with src= so this is the text you will need to find. Highlight one of these links. When you open Find and Replace it should appear in the Find box. Then paste the URL from your clipboard into the Replace box as you see in the video. Be sure to use the correct info here because this is the file you will upload into EasyCampus. The path has to be correct.
  • Remember that the last part of the path that is written in the current file will be the correct image, so you will only need to change the path up to that point. Do not change the name of the image.

In this example we are changing the following:




This will leave the name of the image as it already appears in the .dat file.

Note: Everything here must be correct if you expect the questions to import correctly.
After you choose "Replace All" the links will all be updated. Proofread the new file to determine if all the links are correct. Then save the file.

  • Now you are ready to import this file into EasyCampus.

Import the .dat file into EasyCampus

  • Open the course where you plan to use the questions.
  • If you have not already done so, create the Categories you will need for this course. If you would like to use these questions in more than one course hosted on your EasyCampus, create the categories under "System" which will allow these questions to be used in all the courses. Then import the questions into the proper Category as follows:
  • Click on the 'Import" tab.
  • Choose "Blackboard" for the File Format ... NOT V6!
  • Then choose the "Category" where you want to use the questions.
  • Browse to find the .dat file that you just edited.
  • Upload this file.

IMPORTANT: Don't assume all the questions have imported correctly.

  • Look under the "Type" column on the far right. If the multiple choice icon is not there you need to open that question for editing. You usually don't need to make any changes, just open it for editing and then click "Save Changes". However, this is a good time to proofread the question and make any necessary changes.
  • Now you can go into editing mode and create a quiz to see how the questions are working.

If you encounter any problems with this process please submit a help ticket by visiting