It’s possible to import ExamView content into your EasyCampus by following the steps below.

Prepare your ExamView content

Prepare the Image Files for Importing to EasyCampus

Edit the ExamView .dat file

Note: If your system hasn’t edited .dat files before you may need to right-click the .dat file and choose ‘Open With’ or ‘Choose Program to Open with’ – at this point you can browse for the application to use for editing.

In this example we are changing the following:




This will leave the name of the image as it already appears in the .dat file.

Note: Everything here must be correct if you expect the questions to import correctly.
After you choose "Replace All" the links will all be updated. Proofread the new file to determine if all the links are correct. Then save the file.

Import the .dat file into EasyCampus

IMPORTANT: Don't assume all the questions have imported correctly.

If you encounter any problems with this process please submit a help ticket by visiting