Grading a file a student has uploaded in response to a question or set of instructions is one way to evaluate a student’s understanding.  These activities are built in to the two facilitated course templates, but can be created and inserted into any EasyCampus course.

Before You Begin

  • Determine what your assignment will be and prepare some explanatory text.
  • Be familiar with how to grade assignments. See the step guide titled Grade Assignments if you need help with this.


  • Display the course into which you want to add an assignment. If you are using a facilitated course template, display the page that contains the assignment link (e.g., Lessons/Week 1) and skip to Step 11.
  • Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Click the Manage Activities tab.

Manage Activities tab
  • Select the Advanced Uploading of Files activity (under Assignments) from the Add an Activity drop-down box at the top of the screen.
  • Type a name for your new assignment.

Example: Web Search Assignment

  • Enter some explanatory text in the Description box.

Example: Search the web for references to Charles de Gaulle. Collect data to answer the following questions: when was he born, when did he die, what was the name of his political party, what was he famous for as President of France? Put your findings in a document and upload them here.

  • If you want, fill in the rest of the optional fields on the page. When you’re ready, scroll to the bottom of the page and then click the Save and Return to Course button.
  • Display the page in which you want to display your new assignment.
  • Locate the drop-down box with "Add an Existing Activity" in it. From this box, select the name of your new assignment.

Add Existing Activity drop-down box
  • The assignment link will be displayed at the bottom of the middle column. If you want, use the small black arrow icons to move it around the page.
  • To see responses, click the name of your assignment on the course page. The screen will change and you will see a blue link in the upper-right corner (View x submitted assignments) if there are any assignments uploaded. Click this link.
  • The screen will change and you will see the name of each class member. Any submitted assignment appears as a link to the right of the name. Click each link to download the submitted file.
  • You can then click the Grade link to grade the student on their assignment. When the student displays the Gradebook, they will see this grade and any comments you’ve made.