The Conditional Activities Add-On makes it possible for you to lock a course page until certain activities have been accessed or have been graded according to your specifications.

Before You Begin

  • Identify the name of the course you want to edit.
  • Determine which page(s) you want to lock and what a student must do to unlock it.


  • On the landing page of your campus, click the name of the course you want to edit.
  • Make sure editing is turned on.
  • Click the Manage Pages tab. This is the third tab in the Edit menu that displays when editing is turned on. The screen will change to let you manage the pages in the course.

Manage Pages tab in Edit menu
  • Click the lock icon to the right of the name of the page you want to lock. The screen will change to let you specify the conditional activities.

Lock icons
  • In the Add Lock section, select the name of the first conditional activity from either the Add activity accessed dropdown or the Add graded activity item dropdown.

For example, the opening of a pdf document would be an “accessed” activity. The scoring of 80% on a quiz would be a “graded” activity.

  • Click the Save Changes button. The lock will appear on the page. If you selected a graded activity item, add the required grade in the Required grade box and click the Save Changes button again.

A Graded Activity added as a Lock
  • Continue adding activities, as needed. Click the Manage Pages again to add locks to subsequent pages.

Note: If your course contains a number of subsequent activities (e.g., Quiz1, Quiz2, Quiz3, etc.), it's important to remember to lock a given page against ALL the activities that come before it. For example, Lesson 3 should be locked against BOTH Quiz1 and Quiz 2.