If you have the Form-Maker Add-On, you can create forms for members or potential members to fill out. The responses are stored on your campus and can be downloaded. For example, you could make an online enrollment form to gather information before a potential student can gain access to your EasyCampus.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you are logged in to your EasyCampus as an admin.


  • Add the Form-Maker block to your landing page or a course page. On the landing page, use the Add Blocks block on the right side of your campus. In a course, use the Add Block dropdown in Editing mode. A new form with only an email field will display.

NOTE: The E-mail field is required for people who submit the form. You shouldn’t fill it in yourself.

  • Click the small blue edit icon. The screen will change and you can begin defining your form.

Form – Default State
  • Enter a title for the form.

Example: Enrollment Form

  • Enter text to go above the fields of the form.

Example: To enroll in this campus, please fill in the following fields

  • For each field you want the user to fill in, enter a label and select a data format.

Form Fields
  • Scroll about halfway down the screen and enter a Confirmation message. This message will display in the email notification received by a person who fills in your form.

Example: Thank you! An email providing more information will be sent to the email address you specified.

  • If you want to be notified when the form has been submitted, enter your email address in the Send new submissions to the following email box.
  • If necessary, complete any of the other fields. When the form is complete, click the Save Changes towards the bottom.

When people submit the form, their records will display at the very bottom of the Edit page of the form. If you aren’t receiving email notifications, check by clicking the blue edit icon again. The records can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, or ODS format.