If you have the Form-Maker Add-On, you can create forms for members or potential members to fill out. The responses are stored on your campus and can be downloaded. For example, you could make an online enrollment form to gather information before a potential student can gain access to your EasyCampus.

Before You Begin


NOTE: The E-mail field is required for people who submit the form. You shouldn’t fill it in yourself.

Form – Default State

Example: Enrollment Form

Example: To enroll in this campus, please fill in the following fields

Form Fields

Example: Thank you! An email providing more information will be sent to the email address you specified.

When people submit the form, their records will display at the very bottom of the Edit page of the form. If you aren’t receiving email notifications, check by clicking the blue edit icon again. The records can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, or ODS format.